On the Quest for Perfect Skin

One thing that I’ve never had in my life is beautiful, smooth, clear skin.  There is always some type of bump or dark spot(or 20, really) marring my skin, making it a necessity to wear foundation if I want to at all appear attractive.  My skin type is pretty dry in the Winter (more like extremely sand paper cracking dry) and normal in the summer.   I just took photos so that I could keep track of my progress on this “new” quest and had to fight with myself about posting them because, honestly, who likes to put themselves out there looking like crap?  Alas, I decided that I may as well because can’t have before and after progress with no before, right? They will be posted below.

As for this “new” quest, it is simply renewed vigor on finding a holy grail system that makes me radiant and doesn’t cost a billion dollars a year to maintain.  The past couple of months I have had amazing growth and health with my hair since paying it the adequate attention and researching instead of just throwing any old thing into it, so why shouldn’t I treat my skin the same way?  My hair has thrived because I actually read labels now, making sure that I can pronounce and KNOW what most of the ingredients of a product are.  Coconut oil? Check.  Olive oil?  Check.  Marshmallow Root?  Check and etc etc.  Now if I could make my hair lush by being diligent in its care and well being, seeking out the right products, why shouldn’t I have the same be true of my skin?

Hair is thriving! Wish my skin was!

I’ve used pretty much everything in the drugstore, proactiv and a couple of brands from Sephora, but nothing has given me that POW, that dance of triumph over my skin being blemish/hyperpigmentation free and smooth.  So now I will be on a mission, thoroughly vetting products, reviewing them here, overall being DILIGENT!  I am armed with my Clarisonic face brush and now just need a go-to cleanser/moisturizer/spot corrector that will meet my goals.  So I challenge any of you skincare mavens out there, tell me your best product recommendations.  Skincare/beauty lines, take your best shot!  This will be quite a journey with in-depth commentary along the way.  Hopefully it helps lots of others conquer their “bad” skin, so that covering with mounds of foundation and concealer isn’t the only option. I thought that acne would be a thing for my teenage years, get it over with, and voila, beautiful adult skin.  Now at 23, almost 24, I still have the shoddy skin but I guess it goes along with the fact that I look all of 14 on any given day anyway!

Today I sat and researched many products, reading pages of reviews and garnering a couple of suggestions.  Laura from So Far, So Chic was kind enough to point me in the direction of Mir Cosmetics and Liz Earle skincare products.

Mir comes across as a well researched line and the website gives an in-depth guide to skin maintenance.  My only concerns with them is that the listing of “ingredients to avoid in cosmetics” and the rest of their info seems to be such a hard sell of “Use our products or be DOOMED!!!!! Everything else will annihilate your skin, because it’s full of eeeeevil ingredients.”  I mean, I understand that of course you want your products to stand out and be the go-to for people, but holy scare tactics batman!  And then there’s the price.  They are a U.K. company, so the prices are already in pounds which is more than the dollar, then there’s shipping to factor in, which they base on a per item basis.  I would be interested in testing out trial kit, which costs 14 pounds (so roughly $25 or so?) with 7 pound shipping (maybe $12 shipping? I hate converting, lol) which is doable somewhat, but say that I love the line?  The kit of all the products is a whooping 103.50 pounds, so about $220 something with shipping and tax!  I wouldn’t even WANT to love the products at that price because there’s no way I’d be able to upkeep it.  😦  Anyone used the Mir line by Gisele Mir?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

The other line, Liz Earle, started in the U.K. as well, but has a US presence so the shipping and prices will be in a format that I can easily handle.   Her line includes a cleanse and polish cleanser that includes a muslin towel for proper cleaning, a skin boost tonic for toning, and a variety of moisturizers.  At the moment, I am contemplating buying her essentials try me kit, in order to become acquainted with the line for $39.  If I fall in love with that company, like I hope that I will, then at least the full sized kit of essentials is $73.  Not dirt cheap, but not $200+!!!!  Used any Liz Earle products?  Please dish!

A lot of the natural hair chicas that I’ve talked to enjoy using black soap for their face and have noticed good results, so that too may be tested!

So those are my top considerations at the moment.  Liz Earle will be at the top of my list to try, and then if that isn’t my HG product line, I will scour Sephora for more options, such as DDF. Hopefully I don’t melt my face off through this process and I look forward to sharing the results with you all!   Bon voyage, we are embarking on a journey to pretty!


11 Responses to “On the Quest for Perfect Skin”

  1. SO FAR, SO CHIC Says:

    If I were you, I’d spend the money on a full-size Liz Earle cleanser and moisturiser (probably not the Superskin one though, it’s really rich). The Cleanse & Polish comes with two muslin cloths, and I’ve never known anyone NOT like it. Three friends have bought it on my recommendation this year! I don’t know how you feel about toners, I don’t think they do anything, but I have the toner and… I don’t think it does anything! Smells nice though…

  2. ThisThatBeauty Says:

    I’m hoping my article on hyperpigmentation can help!

  3. londonmakeupgirl Says:

    I’d look at trying to find

    1. A cleanser that agrees with your skin (Liz Earle is a good one to try.)

    2. A protective serum – I like vitamin C for daytime, as it helps to protect from sun damage.

    3. A good sunscreen/moisturiser with sunscreen.

    4. A gentle exfoliant for night time use to keep skin clear – try something with salicylic acid, an AHA, or retinol-derivative (Avene gets a lot of raves for it’s Eulage/Ystheal treatments.) With these, you must use a good sunscreen during the day, as they can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight.

    The skin board at makeupalley can be a very helpful source of information.

    Your hair looks gorgeous, by the way 🙂

  4. goaldigger Says:

    MURAD acne complex is helping me tremendously and it’s only been 8 days!!!!!!!!!!! It’s mild and not drying….however, I don’t think the acne spot treatment is as strong as some others.

  5. ummebraaheem Says:

    I also struggle with skin care and I have adult acne. What I’ve learned is that less is better. I could not figure out why my sking would continually break out and I’m 34. No matter how much I washed, scrubbed, and used masks. What I’ve done is stop being so hard on my skin. I use Pond’s cold cream or Cetaphil as a face wash and for a weekly scrub I use Kiss my face oatmeal scrub (very lightly). My previous regimen was Neutrogena ace face cleanser with salicylic acid and their pore refining mask and that stuff kept me in a viscious cycle. I would not peel or use anything harsh on my face. Also, get a good moisturizer. Just like your hair needs to be moisturized so does your face and don’t forget to moisturize your neck because when your older you will be glad you did.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Thank you so much for your advice. A less is more approach DOES work well for my hair, so it really could possibly be better for the face as well! I’m thinking that this salicylic acid in this burt’s bees is breaking me out, so you may be on to something there :/

  6. jamitchi Says:

    hi there.im 25 now and i still get occasional bumps in my chin area and it tends to get more irritated with some products that ive been using before. But now I’m happy to say that Ive found my match and I would recommend that u use it too. Its Avene Cleanance Soap Free Cleanser. Its very good the big bumps in the chin are gone and it doesnt sting my skin. I also use the toner and for the moisturizer I use Avene Ystheal lotion it has anti aging properties and at 25 ive started to use it. so hope this helps.Goodluck

  7. Renata Says:

    Hi there, I’m with you and all the others with (previously) bad skin. Just wanted to give my 2 cents just incase it helps you…On a whim one day, I got a facial and the lady told me I actually have dry skin! I thought my acne prone skin was actually dry and I had been assisting it in its dryness with toners, benzoyl peroxide, etc., etc….
    She said that my skin holds on to any bit of oil it is able to produce because it is already very dry; this, obviously, results in pimples! So, if I give my skin more oil/moisture, it will stop producing/holding onto so much. Many people with “bad” skin find solace in the oil-cleansing method, but I have found that making a home-made cold cream cleanser (like Pond’s, but free of mineral oil) and following that up with a home-made apple cider vineger and water toner (about 60% h20 and 40% ACV seems to work best for me). The cold cream gives you the oil and the toner restores the ph balance of your skin (just like it does for your hair). Now, the toner does stink, but as soon as it dries, the smell goes away…you can google for some really nice cold cream recipes…
    I hope this helps!

  8. kim Says:

    Hi, I’ve also been struggling with acne and have tried EVERYTHING. I have extremely sensitive, combo and acneic skin. I ordered MIR and thought it really calmed down the redness and did’t break me out. But i got bored and thought hmm my skin could look better, so i went on a mad search for the ONE. Well here i am two years later and starting mir again. Aww happy skin, this time i’m not straying , it will take time, nothing happens over night but at last my skin is on the path to healing. By the way i completely agree with her holistic aproach. Good Luck, Kim

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