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Today my wonderful package of Sephora goodies came and I am ecstatic because I haven’t bought any new makeup in a long minute!  Added to my collection today were the following:

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation

My skin is wonky, so a foundation with good coverage is totally necessary because I have dark spots that won’t seem to go away.  Yay for acne blemishes! 😦  The color is #177 and called cognac but I think that it may be a bit dark so I am going to the Sephora store tomorrow and testing out the Caramel and Amber colors 🙂  I like the coverage though, it is rich, creamy, and easily blended.   Below is a photo showing my skin with it on, little to no dark spots showing.  The foundation looks good with the camera flash and seems to match, but in person, it’s def darker than my chest and hands, etc.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lipstick – Blue Red 205

This right here, is HEAVEN!! I reallllly like the MUFE lipstick.  It’s uber thick and luscious, long lasting (was a mofo trying to wipe off), and heavily pigmented.  And this pigment is PERFECTION for a red lip.  This lipstick is best applied with a lipstick brush and precision, two things that I didn’t bother with while applying just to test it out, lol.  In person it is a hint more cranberry than the color portrayed, richer.  Not sure why in the photos it doesn’t show true to life, but whattaya gonna do?  As well, blueish reds make the teeth’s white stand out, so that’s a win too!  You see those bad boys sparkling??:

SEPHORA COLLECTION Maniac Long Wearing Lipstick – 05

This lipstick turned out to be kind of 80s pink.  I’m an 80s girl through and through, but I’m not sure that I’ll keep it because it resembles VERY closely a Victoria’s Secret lipstick that I already have.  Now, if it actually looked like what it does in the photos which appears peachy pink, I’d love it and want to keep.  But as it stands, the color in person is definitely quite barbie.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Cream Lipstick – It Girl 06

This color is pretty fun, it’s like an orange coral.  Will be great in the summer with a gold and bronze eye and my Nars Taj Mahal blush.

So yay, fun lipsticks to get me through the spring and summer.  I want to buy up many more Make Up For Ever brand lipsticks, those are definitely now an hg (holy grail) brand and I highly recommend!

Now for a bit of hair/skin product fun:  Tropical Traditions was kind enough to send me a bottle of Coconut oil to try out and review.  Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.  It feels good and creamy when I mix it with my rosemary oil, aloe vera, and tea tree oil for a facial concoction.  As for my hair, I use it after my aloe grow spray to seal in the moisture and impart shine and it does the job well.  It doesn’t seem as greasy as the last coconut oil that I used, which is nice, but the smell of the other was better to me because it smelled like coconut macaroon cookies.  This doesn’t smell bad at all, smells like a cracked open coconut and FAINTLY of mayo (??).


6 Responses to “Reviews, Reviews: read all about it”

  1. Kennedy Says:

    Hey cutie, doin some modeling I see. I love the coral lipstick very perky and cute.

  2. SO FAR, SO CHIC Says:

    I love the foundation and red lipstick: it gives you perfect skin and a gorgeous pout! Hopefully you’ll get the right colour match: can you swap stuff when it’s not right or something? I also love the look of your pretty almond eyes with no makeup, contrasting with the strong red lip. I expect you just hadn’t done your eyes but I love that plain eyes/bold lip look.

    I’d love to see you with some brown/black eye makeup on, kohl smudged onto the waterline top and bottom and then blended with a matching eye shadow + mascara. I think that would be amazing look on you and bring out the brown of your eyes. I know you love the shimmers and pastels but try this for me pretty please?

  3. limonali Says:

    I was looking at the shape of your eyes for like one minute babe!:) they’re very pretty!
    and, just like La, I thought about the S hohl eyeliner! Imagine just an eyeliner, a bit of mascara, and the bold red pout. Would be just fantastic!

  4. Cammie Says:

    The 177 looks good to me, looks like your skin is glowing, which is what that MUFE HD seems to do for everyone I know that uses it! Maybe 175 would be better? Hope you get a chance to try that one out and see. And I agree with La and Lims and expect some pics of you all done up with your new bold red lips!!!!!

  5. une autre naturelle Says:

    Love the red lipstick…wish I was brave enough to wear such a hot color.

  6. Unintentionally on Trend « Socialite Dreams's Weblog Says:

    […] grail lipstick as of late is the wonderful Make Up For Ever brand, especially the blue red that I talked about here.  That color is so rich in person and definitely will draw hot male attention (okay, ugly males […]

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