Makeup Overhaul

Yesterday was all about my spring clothes desires, today I’ll go about showing the makeup wishes.  Can’t have pretty clothes and walk around all plain-faced!

The foundation of any good makeup arsenal is, well, FOUNDATION so that will be at the top of my revamp list.  My two top contenders are:

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

It promises oil free, medium-full coverage so it should be good and make me happy!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

I’ve had this kind before and quite liked it actually.  It had a light shimmer that is very nice for spring/summer.  I wouldn’t mind this one again and it’s the same price as the MUFE so I will have to decide if I am up for new or feeling nostalgic 😉

I have a million blushes, so really don’t NEED more, but this new MUFE blush looks AWESOME and I may have to just say eff it and get some.  Shhh, it’s our secret.

HD Microfinish Blush

Number 7 would be pretty good for my collection, nice peachy color.  Bright raspberry #2 would be fun as well, especially when I get a tan in the summer.

Bright Raspberry #2

Peachy Beige

I honestly have enough eyeshadows to never need to buy any again, at least not anytime soon!  BUT this palette is all kinds of awesome and I love Urban Decay because the colors are richly pigmented and the primer is mighty awesome.

*Stepping away from the eyeshadow section slowly…gazing on longingly…darn you Sephora and your variety!*

Moving on, lips!!!  Now this is an area that I need to revamp totally.  New glosses, new lipsticks, oh my!  First on my hit list is the FABULOUS Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper by MAC.  I can not sing the praises of that one enough.  My friend and fellow blogger, Candy of Natural Take Two, has showcased her makeup looks and some used the Viva Glam Cyndi and I darn near fell out my seat because of it’s epicness.  We are relatively the same shade, so it helps to know that it’ll look just as awesome on me too.

Candy wearing VIVA GLAM Cyndi

Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper

Woohoo!  ❤  That is definitely going to join my arsenal ASAP.

The Korres Mango Lip collection looks pretty luscious and at $21 for 3 lipsticks, can’t go wrong!

MUFE lipsticks also look pretty and rich with a slew of colors, so that would be one fun trip to Sephora!

The shades that struck my fancy as lovely spring additions are:

Blue red because the bluish undertones will make teeth sparkle white and I can pull off the color well:

Brick 215 would be a lovely creamy light orangish color that I’d have to try on in the store to be sure, but I feel would look dashing.

Just to try on for play, I’d like to test out Nasturtium.  Hey, I started out “playing” with Nars Taj Mahal and it became my hg blush last year, so never know!

So, these are my makeup wishes for the upcoming months.  What are your makeup wishes?  I’m feeling all giddy at the thought!



5 Responses to “Makeup Overhaul”

  1. cammiecam Says:

    What is THIS?? MUFE has new blushes? Those look DIVINE! Blush is an area I need to step up in. I always want to look like I’m NOT wearing blush and since I have large pores around my cheeks anything with shimmer is out, and like every single blush that I think would look nice has shimmer in it. Those MUFE ones look awesome tho, and possibly shimmer free! Will definitely be checking those out! There is a MUFE boutique here in NYC and you’re SOOO making me wanna head over there again! UGH! (P.S. Thanks for the shout out!)


  2. Amina Says:

    beautiful haul!! I loove the cyndi lauper lipstick too and that palette…I also don’t need any new eyeshadows but I had to buy it!! 🙂 subscribing to your blog! I loove it!

  3. urbansista Says:

    I am a believer in Make Up For Ever HD foundation. I LOVE the stuff. I also love mineral makeup — it’s awesome. If you can find the right colour and get a good brush, you’re good to go. Those blushes look hot. I may have to try one out for the spring.

  4. Angel Says:

    Your makeup looks lovely!

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