Aubrey Organics

I deep conditioned last night with Aubrey Organics GPB for the first time!  My hair is usually wanting for moisture more than anything, but since I’ve never done a protein based treatment, figured that I’d give it a go just because and see how it turned out.  The smell is pleasant, has a spice-y type vibe, maybe star anise?  Something out of a spice rack, which is fine by me!  That type of product isn’t listed in the ingredients, but I got a spice vibe from it, nevertheless.

It has the same creamy, wonderful consistency as my beloved Honeysuckle Rose conditioner by them, so that is a plus.  After sitting under my heated cap with it for 20 minutes then rinsing out, my curls were very defined!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but popping curlies wasn’t it!  I would love to do that treatment again once the weather is nice so that I can have a lovely wash and go with it, but I ended up doing the usual twists.  My amla/olive heavy cream came in handy after the wash so that I could make sure that the hair stays moisturized.  This morning, sprayed with my aloe grow and sealed with coconut oil, felt lush, so overall I give the protein treatment an A+ and look forward to using that again.

Me being slow, I didn’t even get photos of it after the treatment!  Wow, curls popping and there is no photographic proof 😦

hair hero: curly afro wearers

One Response to “Aubrey Organics”

  1. Cammie Says:

    OHHH!!! U just reminded me to pick some of this up, maybe I’ll use it this weekend! 😛

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