Hair Loving

When I did the twists the other day, I just felt that the twist out would be epic, just have great definition…..boy, was I right!  Spirals are POPPING!  Gooooo blended beauty curl styling butter!  That stuff made the twists way better and defined!

Well the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, so here’s my pretty twist out 😀

YEAAAAAH BOOOOOYYYY  😀   lol, I’m happy with that stuff, have a great nice tub of it left and will do more twists later.

In other, sad news, Alexander Mcqueen, the fabulous designer, committed suicide 😦  I’m really sad about that, he had immense talent that was so unique and visually appealing.  What a tragic loss!  This was his new spring collection, how awesome is it??!! Sigh, RIP to another great….

7 Responses to “Hair Loving”

  1. Back to healthy « Socialite Dreams's Weblog Says:

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  2. Angel Says:

    Beautiful twistout. What type hair do you have? Thanks. Did you twist on wet hair or dry.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Thanks for the hair compliment 🙂 I did that twistout with wet hair straight from washing it, with blended beauty curl styling butter applied before doing each twist and then I left it in twists for a couple of days. I have all types of hair on my head, 4a in the back, 3c in the middle, and 4b on the sides, lol, so it can be a bit wonky when I just try to wear it on it’s own!

  3. Black Hair Care Says:

    The proof is definitely in the pudding! Your twists came out gorgeous 🙂


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