New technique = EPIC failure

Okay, so yesterday I wasn’t all that keen on the new hair style where I sectioned my hair and put gel in to define the curls.  Some curls popped, some was just fluff with a little curl, whatever, but I just thought it looked like a bad afro wig, lol.

Not a happy camper, but I figured it was trying something new and I won’t like all results but I’ll wear it a couple of days because I might as well.  HOO-BOY, that was NOT going to work.  I’d slept in my satin bonnet as usual, woke up and WOOF!  Took the cap off and holy crap batman!  Ever get those ignorant people asking “is your hair rough?  natural kinky hair looks rough, is it like a brillo pad?”  MOST days I would laugh in the face of that blatant idiocy and say no, my hair feels like soft pretty cotton THANK YOU VERY MUCH, but today?  I would have had to sadly put my head down and say yes, yes my hair is just like the texture of a rough wiry piece of dish washing equipment.  :weeping:

Hair was shrunken, hard, wiry, and just overall a complete change from the soft, lush, pretty, want to bury my face in it hair that I’m used to.  So um….yeah….definitely got in the shower asap to wash that crap out with my lovely pure life aloe shampoo (wooo, that stuff is great)  and sat with honeysuckle rose again for about 5 mins.  Detangled my now soft again pretty hair and rinsed out.  I decided to do my own rollerset for the first time, used small blue rollers with tiny itty bitty combs on them and my amla/olive heavy cream.  Sprayed with my homemade aloe juice concoction after all done and voila!

I started at the back and made my way to the front where I got lazy and didn’t make sure that the sections were uniform or wet, so it’ll probably look like a crap spirally bush in the front, but at least i can walk backwards and look fly to death!  lmao 😀

so, to wrap this up, experimentation is good but know all RESULTS won’t be good and now I know that i don’t have easily defined spirally curls everywhere on my head.  Beware overloading on the gel and thank god for just today not having a job because I would have been MORTIFIED if I’d awaken to that head of hair and couldn’t do a damn thing to change it!


6 Responses to “New technique = EPIC failure”

  1. urbansista Says:

    LOL!! Aren’t bad experiments the worst? That reminds me of the wash ‘n’ go I attempted Labour Day weekend. My hair was a hard, crispy mess. It’s all about trial and error!

  2. Angel Says:

    Try braiding your hair in small twists and then rolling it, using Lottobody or Aloevera Gel or even sheabutter with olive oil or coconut oil. You will get a much better look and you will love it.

  3. Paul Wynn Says:

    LOL, that;s the thing with hair. You won’t know until the end results and even if your half way, you just have to go all the way.


  4. Curious about Miss Jessie’s « Socialite Dreams's Weblog Says:

    […]  but I’d want them to do it, not try on my own at home with just the products.  Lol, we saw how that turned out when I tried to do the sort of shingling with gel…um…..yeah, never again!  So if I hit the lottery, I’ll skip my ass to NYC and […]

  5. Soni Peterson Says:

    Hay, I wonder that did you retry this hair style again or not. I think you must have tried for at least 1 more time, what were the results.

  6. Soni Peterson Says:

    do update along with pictures if possible

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