I’ve created a monster!

I can’t keep my hands out of my hair….I’m in love….:weeping:  I know that in order for it to be healthy and growing, I need to not have my fingers in it all day which can cause knots, I KNOW this, but if it’s not covered, i can’t help but play in the soft curls!  I want to pat and coil and play and rub…is that so bad?

Also, I need to learn how to DO my hair.  I did the finger coils myself and thats a cool idea (if i can ever 1. get to do my whole head without being tired, lol and 2. learn to do them tighter and smaller myself), but I want to learn how to braid and do twists, both flat to my head and individual all over.  I have my work cut out for me!  This is the girl who kept my weekly hair appointment and just let a stylist do whatever she wanted!  Until now I never really attempted to do anything to my own locks, other than flatironing sometimes or spiraling with curlers.  I suppose I’ll have to get my mom to teach me the art of braiding and twists! (guess I should have learned that a good 10 years ago).

The next time that I wash my hair (couple of days, trying to let the rodded curls last but i keep PLAYING in them!), i may attempt to twist my hair…yikes, we’ll see!

hair heros:


4 Responses to “I’ve created a monster!”

  1. poverty_dieter Says:

    Wow! Sounds like a lot of work! Good luck with it!

  2. fiercebeautyandfashion Says:

    Girl it just takes a lot of practice!! 🙂 I only go to the salon to cut my hair and that’s it! Everything else I do at home and I just took time out of a weekend, did some research, and just practiced on my hair! Good luck and let me know if I can be of any help!

  3. poverty_dieter Says:

    It sounds like it takes a lot of upper arm strength, too. Ha! Ha! Take care. – R

  4. poverty_dieter Says:

    I just watched an episode of Oprah with Chris Rock talking about a documentary he recently produced called Good Hair or something like that. Have you seen it? If so, do you recommend it? It looked really interesting – especially the part about how women in India have such priceless hair that it gets cut off in movie theaters and whatnot to be used as extensions. Crazy, right?????

    I’ve peeked around your blog a bit and I gotta say, it’s a whole new world. Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

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