New Products, New Year Plans

Bought more products :blush:   I know I know, like I don’t have enough products already!  I have more products than hair, lol.  Today I stopped back at the health store and was saddened to see that the Qhemet amla and olive heavy cream hadn’t been replenished, so I couldn’t get cream that I wanted AND the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose was out too, which I really really wanted since everyone raves about it in the natural community and my hair idol, Chime, swears by it 😦    Oh well, they should restock in the next week or so, and I’ll be back for both products.  It’s literally 5 minutes from my house, so not out of the way or anything (unfortunately, for my wallet, lol)

You know I didn’t walk out empty handed though, that just would not be right!  😉  I ended up with some Qhemet anyway, decided to purchase the  Karkady tea mist since my beloved Frank Juice only has a 1/3rd left to the bottle and I wanted to try out Qhemet anyway.  But I’ll be buying some more Oyin juices, will try out the Greg and Juices and Berries since I love the Frank juice so much.  Also bought two new conditioners, BWC Moisture plus conditioner and Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner so that I can deep condition for some protein.  I bought the tiny bottle just so that I can test it out and know that my hair isn’t against protein, if it likes, I’ll buy the bigger bottle!  If I like the moisture plus BWC conditioner, I’ll want to try the  Rosemary-tea tree-mint conditioner, that sounds like great ingredients.

Was just reading the back of my Organix conditioners, the coconut and the shea butter ones, and they have cones in them 😦  (silicones)  I didn’t know that at first and hear that cones aren’t good….I’ll have to do my hair without using either of those and see if I notice any difference.  I love the smell but if silicones aren’t so good for our hair then I won’t keep them around for fragrance alone!  But if my hair isn’t having adverse affects from them, then I’ll use anyway, because what’s bad for one person may not be bad for someone else, right?  We’ll see and I’ll keep you updated!

After January 1st, I want to get cornrows so that I can have a nice protective style in this winter wonderland also known as Chicago that I reside in.  So cold and snowy and windy lately, and the last thing that I want is for my hair to break off or dry out from indoor heating and icy cold outdoors.  I’ve been pampering it and keeping it moisturized so that I can try and counteract the effects, like spraying my frank juice, using marula oil spray, olive oil mix, patting on my coco light .  Hopefully my precious hair can hold on to moisture until I get it into some cornrows.

hair hero of the day:   I adore her hair!  I want mine like that


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    […] first washed with my Pure Life Aloe shampoo/conditioner, saturated my hair in olive oil and my new BWC Moisture plus conditioner, then used the Giovanni leave in conditioner and coconut oil.  Twisted the hair with blended […]

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