Merry Christmas!!!

Happy holidays, everyone 🙂  How was it?  Get what you want?  Spend good time with family and friends? Eat good?  Had a fun day, ate well and then went to see my baby daddy, Robert Downey Jr.  in Sherlock Holmes.  Nothing sexier than a smart guy with a slick sense of humor and good body 😀  Totally into that movie.

robert downey jr, jude law, sherlock holmes

On top of all of that fun, my hair turned out cute, just like I hoped it would.  Thanks ashley for your help babe 😀  I appreciate it, muah!

I used the Blended Beauty curl styling cream when the hair was rodded and my hair came out soft, not frizzy, and smooth. It smells really good too and the tub it comes in has a lot, so I should have plenty for many beautiful sets of rods or twists 🙂  I give the cream an A.   Great results after a day of hair pampering yesterday!  I love taking good care of my hair and hopefully it will thrive so much.  soft, with defined curls is always good to me!

2 Responses to “Merry Christmas!!!”

  1. Nickie Says:

    Robert Downey Jr. is not your typical leading guy in the looks department. I mean he’s not conventionally good looking in a mainstream sort of way but he is definitely handsome and unique. He has an effortless sex appeal like a young Marlon Brando…my baby daddy! He was pretty cute in Sherlock Holmes I have to admit.

    Your hair turned out great by the way.

  2. JSin Says:

    That movie was really good. RDJ’s character was very entertaining. Your blog is very interesting.

    Feel free to swing by and check my blog out anytime. Thanks!

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