Yay! New things galore

I’m a happy girl 🙂  Got the mail and my check was inside!  That took a weight off of my shoulders, can finish my little bit of xmas shopping and now have enough for my student loan payment Jan 4th…WOOO.  Not only that, of course with each check I have to go out and to the health food store for more hair products! lol, it’s a sickness, I know.  Bought $30 worth of stuff, 3 items:  Virgin coconut oil, Joie African Shea Butter Superlite, and Giovanni Direct Leave-In organic conditioner.    I will give product ratings once I try them out, will wash my hair on christmas eve so that it’s pretty and fresh for the holiday.

Then I got home and was relaxing, doorbell rang and VOILA, my beautiful accessories from forever 21!!!!  Yay, they all look so pretty 😀  Some of the headbands, well the sparkly silver one in particular, is so tight on my temples…will have to try to stretch that out a bit, can’t get a headache trying to be cute!  no ma’am, not this girl.  Here’s a photo show of my hair accessories like I said I would update 😀

2 Responses to “Yay! New things galore”

  1. FashionablyNappy Says:

    I am interested to know what you think about the Giovanni Direct leave in. I keep hearing about this stuff, and I’m wondering how it would work on 4a/b hair like mine. By the way those accessories are cute!

  2. diaryofakinkycurlytransitioner Says:

    I love that silver bow ( the first one!). Forever 21 accessories are awesome 🙂

    I found that if I put something under the headband (I usually use a folded up piece of cloth) right where it hits behind my ear it helps stretch it out a little. Now, I wouldnt wear it like this OUT but it might help.

    Merry xmas!

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