Organix Shea Butter Conditioner

Organix Shea Butter

This stuff smells like caramel cake, I swear!  It’s absolutely orgasmic, I was in love in the shower 🙂  I bought this and the coconut conditioner buy one get one free at Walgreens and must say, best $6.99 I’ve spent in a while!  Organix Shea Butter conditioner is pretty nice on it’s own, but I especially loved how my hair felt last time when I added olive oil to my hair along with the conditioner, so I will do that on any further washes.  Hair felt so soft and moisturized then.  It’s pretty fluffy and okay now that I used JUST the conditioner, but last time it felt amazing.

I still shampoo’d with my Pure Life soap co aloe 2 in 1 conditioner, next time I’ll just try co-washing alone, just the conditioner.

overall I really like it, mainly because of the smell. I’m a sucker for sweets, baked goods, so a conditioner that smells good enough to eat is just FINE by me!

I did a wash n go, just letting it air dry and do it’s own thing, but I much prefer my hair last time, when I did the finger coils and coil out.  I’ll be co-washing in a couple of days and will be sure to either get my mom to add some flat twists or braids to the front or to finger coil it myself, SOMETHING to give it some flair and oomph.

hair hero of the day: tracie thoms

3 Responses to “Organix Shea Butter Conditioner”

  1. limonali Says:

    Caramel for caramel :):):) sorry I just woke up I will think of a more intelligent comment later 😛

  2. Sindy Says:

    I am sure that the conditioner smells just as great as the Coconut Milk Condish! I will be on the lookout for it…

    You added Olive Oil while you had the conditioner in your hair or afterwards?

  3. Anonymous Says:


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