Products and more products

Stopped at Walgreens on the way home last night and wouldn’t you know it, the Organix conditioner that everyone has been raving about was on sale, buy one, get one free!  So I got the Coconut that was at the of the people’s list, and tried the shea butter one as well.  Both have things like yogurt, avocado, egg white proteins, yada yada yum yum.   I’ll use it to cowash I suppose and follow up with my tea tree cholesterol.  I still need to get a good deep conditioner and the aubrey organics protein conditioner for sporadic use.  Once these kinky twists come out, I’ll post reviews of things and develop a routine.  Until then, I just use my lavender gel no water shampoo and my frank juice.

Also got Ambi even and clear to use with my Clarisonic brush and some Nadinola.  Used them last nite and I liked it, no weird dryness and stuff that other people had complained about, so let’s see if it actually WORKS and I’ll be a happy girl with great skin 😀

hair hero: Tempestt Bledsoe

2 Responses to “Products and more products”

  1. Sindy Says:

    Hey….let me know how the Organix Shea Butter conditioner works out for you, I’ve been thinking of purchasing it…

  2. Lady Kinnks Says:

    Tempestt Bledsoe has fabulous hair!!

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