Hair Envy…in Church…BLASPHEMY

*edit: We have a new home!

I was at church today and I was filled with SO much hair envy…that has to be a sin, right?    :weeping:

There was this woman in the choir with her hair in a headband and big beautiful fluffy curly hair that was so awesome.  She had hair just like KCurly from newly natural.


KCurly of Newly Natural


As if it wasn’t enough to be staring at HER hair the whole service, there was a girl who walked past me when she was leaving and she had a perfect head of hair.  She probably thought I was a crazy freak, staring at her, lol, but omg the hair was PERFECT!  Jet black, big, mid back length, boucy, TOTALLY Diana Ross.


Diana Ross Big Hair


I so can’t wait until I invoke feelings of massive hair envy *crosses fingers* I’ll be ON it with moisture, conditioning, NO HEAT, protective styling.  I mean, I should right?  All of this blog stalking can’t be for naught.  Santa, baby, i’ve been a good girl this year, can I have a beautiful head of hair?

Hair Hero of the day will be Diana Ross, I’ve already posted some of her awesomeness, here’s a few more pics of her being FIERCE


Totally FIERCE



Diana Ross Rawr



9 Responses to “Hair Envy…in Church…BLASPHEMY”

  1. cammiecam Says:

    I always noticed natural women’s hair too. I did the same when I was growing my locs. I was always looking at women (and men) with locs wishing for my hair to grow already so mine could look just like theirs. 🙂

  2. fiercebeautyandfashion Says:

    I wish you nothing but good luck! Even if my hair went back to being natural, it could never do that! the hairstyles though are gorgeous! 🙂

  3. limonali Says:

    I love the hair envy in church! that’s so you 😛
    plus that last photo of Diana is just amazing hair-wise I wish I had hair like that.

    See, I can figure out how to post comments on blogs, after all 🙂

  4. grace Says:

    miss diana ross fabulous ness at its most fabulous,she does of course reighn supreme,hair delicious.

  5. Rick Says:

    Love women with Big Hair…To me it symbolizes….Look At Me…I’m going to get your attention….anyone ever notice when Miss Ross walks into a room…no matter whose there…the attention turns directly to her… shows a strong woman who is not afraid of attention…and besides that Diana Ross is the only woman whose hair could look like she just woke up, but it goes with her BEAUTY!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    cute it out fine

  7. john Says:

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  8. Gary Says:

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  9. janet jackson Says:

    i was going thou the computer and i saw this picture i said to my self o.m.g is this her my brother michael had a big crush on her. i would bet if he saw this picture he would love. michael was alway into girls. he came to me with so many girlfriends just to meet them and i was shock he stop and slowed down. he was a very kind guy and i should stop talk about him.and i really like this photo.

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