Product Junkies Anonymous

At the very best of times I have been addicted to some product or other, whether its makeup, skin care, body scents/oils/lotions, so now on my natural hair care journey, it’s official.  I WILL need to check into Product Junkies Anonymous *hangs head in shame*.  I have been obsessively reading these hair care blogs of, and and let me TELL you….they have soooo many amazing sounding product recommendations that I can NOT pass up.  It’s sad….I hear a product, instantly add it to my Amazon shopping cart or on curlmart.   What am I to do?  In my defense, I did NOT click the purchase button yet *takes bow, yes i know, I am awesome* so there is still HOPE.   Keep hope alive!

Keep Hope Alive

Then I was hit with a blow to my willpower….a MAY-JAH blow….Why did i find out that the health store not FIVE minutes away has EVERYTHING, aisles of amazing products?  :weeping:  it’s too much, LORD it’s too much, I can’t take the test!  I fail!  No willpower.  The ONLY thing stopping me from going a plumb FOOL in there today was the fact that my check hasn’t come from work.  Best BELIEVE I will be back in there asap for Jane Carter Solutions, Qhemet Biologicals which I’ve heard RAVE reviews on and am SO excited to try, Aubrey Organics which I’ve ALSO heard amazing things about especially the Honey Suckle Rose conditioner , and all of the other products lining the shelves to try.  And that’s just the HAIRCARE aisle…I’ll be stalking the SKIN CARE aisle too…sign me up for welfare, because I will OFFICIALLY be poor messing with that place.  It’s all over for me.

My hair inspiration today is this girl who’s locks I am in love with…she has brilliant, breathtaking hair…sigh, i need to get on HER level, for sure. She goes by Chime and was featured on Curly Nikki:

Chime’s Gorgeous Hair


One Response to “Product Junkies Anonymous”

  1. crissyk Says:

    I loooove her hair too. She styles it beautifully. It also helps that she’s pretty:) I’m also an addict. I’m addicted to makeup, lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations. Oh the shame 😦

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