Hair Madness

Been researching like a fiend these past couple of days, wanting to soak up everything about going natural with my hair.  You’d think I’d have looked into it BEFORE I chopped it off, lol.  I seem to always do things backwards.

Anyway, have been browsing great natural hair care blogs and it’s making me so excited! I want to take these kinky twists out NOW and play with my own hair, lol.  I absolutely adore the following blogs, they are so informative and nicely written:

Kcurly and —  Nikki and www.curlynikki.comwww.motowngirl.com

the site is great too for some good info, the creator Robin has super long pretty hair and her advice is sound, so why not?  I was planning on doing braids 2 months, hair rest 2 months, etc just so that it can grow out and all.  Right now I have the kinky twists in that are cool,  they should be coming out next month, and then I’ll utilize some of these cool tips that I’ve come across.

Twist outs, curly twa using these steps, headbands, oh my!  😀  My buddy has been helping me on this natural journey, providing cool tips and recommendations.  Thanks you hht!  Here’s her blog:

hair hero of the day: Wakeema Hollis.  This girl is breathtaking, look at that FACE! she’s a DOLL….sigh, what awesome hair

Model Wakeema Hollis

Awesome, curly 'fro


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