A Fitting Tribute

Today the incomparable King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was given a truly beautiful, stunning, wonderful tribute to his life at his memorial.  I was wondering how it would turn out and if it would be truly befitting a legend like that, who will only come around once in a lifetime, and it actually lived up to and exceeded expectations.  Rev. Al Sharpton was poignant, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy were endearing, and the soft instrumental of “Man in the Mirror” while his casket was being wheeled out was one of the saddest moments in my life.  I cried through the whole thing and was so appreciative that they did such an amazing final farewell for Michael’s and the fans’ sakes.  It was exactly as a memorial should be.

michael jackson

What saddens me the most about everything is that everyone seems to have forgotten his humanitarian efforts; everyone in the mainstream media that is.  Even though he’s made some of the best music and tours, broken all types of records, and had a career that will never be beat, his charitable works are what’s truly amazing.  He’s in the Guiness book of world records as most charitable pop star since he supported 39 charities (those are whats known, he also donated proceeds from many of his concerts or gave anonymously.  it’s thought that he’s given around $500 MILLION in charitable contributions over his lifetime.)  Here he talks about his time spent visiting hospitals and when he met a boy who needed a liver so he found him one and paid for everything:

As well, he broke down racial barriers.  MTV didn’t want to play him because they felt that black music wouldn’t sell or translate well and then lo and behold, Billie Jean took them from some random basement operation into the stratosphere.  Rolling Stones didnt want him on their cover and then he became iconic and they had to have him.  No star, black or white, had gotten an endorsement deal like the one Pepsi gave him for $10 million in the early 80s.  But, no no, let’s ONLY focus on the one thing that is completely unfounded about him. Not the things that we have confirmed proof of…oh no, that would be unamerican! “We Are The World” raised 50 million for famine in africa…ONE song! Let alone all of the other charitable works he did…but let’s just talk about the crappy case from a money hungry sleazeball who tried to kill his kid later and was caught on tape saying he wanted to milk Michael for all he was worth and ruin his life. Read this link for some insight: http://kingofpopmichael.info/the-false-abuse/

Michael was odd, sure, but a lot of it was something to remain in the news and the rest was his coping with a life none of us can understand from starting work at age 5, having no real childhood, shielding his vitiligo skin from sunlight by odd “costumes”, and having body dysmorphic disorder.  I really wish that none of the weird or bad things had happened, so that his legacy could have stood on it’s own as one of the best selling recording artists ever with over 750 million copies sold, world records galore, awards galore, loyal fans, unparalled charity work,  amazingly unique music/videos/tours, and a professionalism mixed with creative drive that is remarkable.  It also seems like he never got to have any great love of his life, which is really quite sad seeing as to how he set so many hearts aflutter and made so many happy.  He deserved better than 2 sham marriages.  Hopefully his children will be happy in life and well adjusted; it was heartbreaking to see Paris break down at the funeral.

I know that I never even met the man, but there is something about him and his childlike smile that makes me want to hug him.  His sensitive and giving spirit speak to me at some deep level, and then there is the tragic aspect of his life with the tabloid nightmare scandals and lack of one great love that makes me wish that I could turn back time and completely change things for his benefit.  I can be a big sap sometimes and the story of Michael Jackson brings out that sap in me because it just seems like so much went wrong when it should have all been right right right.  I cry for the cute little boy he was who had such dreams and at the same time I cry for the sexy gorgeous man he became and didn’t even know just how beautiful he was.  I cry for the painfully shy part of him that was at such a disconnect with the uber confident, crotch grabbing performer side.  I cry that he was surrounded by leeches who didn’t have his best interest in mind and I cry that he turned to plastic surgery and prescriptive drugs for his pain.  I just hope that somewhere in there he had fun and had happiness.  I’ll always “Remember the Times” Michael, and thank you for making them GOOD times.


2 Responses to “A Fitting Tribute”

  1. ed hardy Says:

    I know that I never even met the man, but there is something about him and his childlike smile that makes me want to hug him. His sensitive and giving spirit speak to me

  2. elhpra@yahoo.co.uk Says:

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