America’s Next Top Whiner

Whine whine

Whine whine

So Tahlia is one of the WHINIEST people i’ve ever watched on top model.  She claims to want to be a role model, but how?   okay, so she’s BURNED on 3/4th of her body.  That ALONE does not make you a role model; you have to be a person who people want to emulate, who they look up to, who is an amazing person.  Being burnt doesn’t automatically nominate you for sainthood, darling.  What a tart!

She was only on there for the burn factor anyway, she’s proving that she wasted her moment.  I mean goodness, get on there and be a strong beautiful woman who is burned and going to rock it.  Instead, she’s taken the opportunity to be a whiny loser.  Some role model

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