Wonky Weather

We’ve been having some crazy rain episodes here in Chicago that take me back to my wonderful times of blowing in the wind and facing imminent doom during a Miami Hurricane. With all of the annoying rain, a girl has to stay cute! With that said, I need some summer rain gear. Hmm, what’s a chica to do?

this Coach coat is so cute to me, but i prefer the trench coat version, with the double gold buttons and belt. SO what i need in my life to keep nice and dry 😉

I’ve never owned any, but these kick ass Ed Hardy boots made me want to run out and grab a pair of galoshes!

how could you not feel like a total bad ass in those? So cute!

2 Responses to “Wonky Weather”

  1. modelizier Says:

    3 years ago my mom bought me a pair of Pucci rainboots. She told me I’d never wear them, etc…maybe twice. I’m still rocking them hardcore. Love them to death, get them if you love them.

    Burberry raincoat >>>>> coach.

  2. nblades Says:

    That is the one down side to living in Southern California–not enough rain to justify buying cute jackets and boots! I love both of these. Maybe I’ll take Modelizier’s advice and just buy some boots and rock them!


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