Got back RAVE reviews from the editor on my piece that I wrote 🙂  She said that I’m very talented and will be a star at the magazine.  Woot Woot!  Best thing I’ve heard all year(granted, we’re not even a month in, but YA KNOW, lol).  That is my great news, and they want to use me for much more, so I am very pleased.

Went to a party on Sunday.  The thing is, I hate clubbing in the winter, because most of my going out clothes are summery (read: skimpy, legs out, boobs out, etc) so it’s tough picking something for winter.  Not only that, it also means coat check.  Boo!  So, I didn’t feel like coat checking since we parked only a block away, so like an idiot, I ran that block with no coat in below zero weather in a satin shirt.  Needless to say, now I’m sick as a dog 😦  Doesn’t help my friendly disposition.  On top of that, there is supposed to be a great party tonite with pro athletes and what not and now I can’t go….boooooooooooo!

well, I did get to meet another of my fave video vixens at the party, Melyssa Ford.

Melyssa Ford

3 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Mariposa Says:

    CONGRATS on the story!!!!

    where is it? are you going to post it up here? 🙂 or at least a link so everyone can see it? 🙂

  2. xxi Says:

    Congrats on the great reviews 🙂

    M. Ford’s top doesn’t look good on her, but it’s nice to see her looking relaxed and not all glamed up.

  3. patty Says:

    hey congrats on the story …i’ve been a fan of your site and i just been wondering how do you know about these parties…

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