Professional Standard

Today I did my first interview as a freelance journalist.  Not a student, not an intern, but a journalist.  Wow, that feels good 🙂

I think that it went well, at least, i certainly hope that I got enough info to write something stellar.  They pay well for it and I look forward to doing more.  I’m grinning, aren’t i a giddy loser? lol. 

My friend was saying, oh, you seem so professional now.  Little ole me, Vonnie the professional!  I’ll let you guys know when the article is out.  Ciao, bellas

7 Responses to “Professional Standard”

  1. DG Says:

    Lots of luck to you, sounds like the beginning of something good!

  2. KD Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see your name in bold print. Ttyl.

  3. CuriousC Says:

    Congrats this new stage of your career! May you THRIVE! (May I suggest another blogging buddy of mine you might have something in common with: PS I love Chicago…

  4. CuriousC Says:

    Oops! I just read more of your blog! and may your dreams rise up to meet you in LA!

  5. jaja Says:

    Congrats! I remeber my first celeb interview and I was on cloud nine all day. Hope this is the beginning of a great journalism career. what was it about?

  6. KD Says:

    Time for a new post…..

  7. keronii Says:

    Congrats. Hope all the best to you

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