Pirates of the Caribbean Makeup

Okay, so I’ve been watching Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, and I must say, the makeup work is bloody awful!!!  So much money available, such great special effects and they skimp on the makeup artist?  Who the f’ did they hire?

The foundation/bronzer/tanner is streaky and just god-awful.  Makes them, especially Orlando (Will Turner), look orange with brown streaks.  It takes great skill to make HIM look horrific. 

I mean, I understand that in some scenes they have to look dirty and at sea, I get THAT….but in his botched wedding scene?  the rain streaked his face to look absolutely disastrous….just the whole movie, the makeup on Orlando was bad.  Capt. Jack Sparrow’s didn’t fair much better except for the great eyeliner…Kiera’s looked orange in most of “At World’s End”. 

Sigh….I can barely watch the movie for looking at the horrible makeup!  These pics aren’t as bad as it is in the movie.  Go rent and watch, you’ll agree!!!


One Response to “Pirates of the Caribbean Makeup”

  1. candice Says:

    did you do makeup for on the ST Vincent Set for the movie ??

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