The Good Life

Being in Beverly Hills over the weekend made me drool over so many gorgeously exquisite bags.  Of all the things in life, makeup and handbags have always been my weakness.  Seriously, I could go forever just living on designer bags and makeup! lol  I want to show the bags that I must have:

Louis Vuitton Le Superbe The Louis Vuitton Le Superbe bag in Verone (gray)…mmm if only I had $3150.  Check it out at Louis Vuitton and search Le Superbe

Gucci Signoria Dome the Gucci Signoria Dome bag.  It looked AMAZING on my arm…*sigh*

Michael KorsThis Michael Kors handbag rocks hard.  I thought it was so beautiful

Crocodile Spy Bag while I want a regular leather spy bag in either black or brown, this pink crocodile spy bag is perfection.  at around $27,000, I won’t get my hopes up for it!

I know this isn’t a handbag, but I also fell in love with this Coach watch:

check out for a list of more affordable finds!


5 Responses to “The Good Life”

  1. mariposafeliz Says:

    ahhh you inspired me! i remembered my fab purchase at JCPennys for a cool purse…
    I posted up some shots of lovely handbags all under 50 bucks!

  2. Grace Says:

    ooh, love the gucci

  3. CuriousC Says:

    Hi, I found you from Grace’s blog, and thought I may have a sug for you and loquesta, too: How to get your comments to link back to your blog? Read this?
    Thanks, “C”

  4. pipitblog Says:

    i like the LV bag best…put it on your CREDIT CARD girl!!! lol

  5. Confessions of a Fashionista Says:

    I love the first Vuitton you have up there it’s gorgeous.

    I bought my mom an excellent black Fendi spybag knock off over the Summer.

    Wish I could afford the real stuff, it’s so much nicer.

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