Driven for the Good Life

My trip to LA has renewed my vigor and desire for the good life.  My tastes run too rich and lavish to not drive myself to succeed beautifully.  With that said, I am glad that things are starting to roll and I will continue to make moves towards a career and, hopefully soon, a move to Los Angeles.  The great thing is, my mom also wants to move there, which would make me very happy.  That’s one of my best friends, ya know?

So for the new year, I am on a MISSION:

1. Write, write, write….this means, working on my novel, pumping out articles for freelance, updating my blog at least every 2 days, and hopefully finding a job with a magazine or ezine.

2. workout mind and body….If I’m moving to the land of the superficial and expect to write about beauty/fashion, I need to be ON POINT.  I want to get down to size 4, 6 at the most (I’m a 12/14 now).  So that means working out, eating right, getting rid of excuses.  And I will be reading even more.  I already read a lot, but I want to read all of the books that I’ve ever said I wanted to read.  Get my mind right!  

I would suggest the book “How to Become Famous in Two Weeks (or less)” for anyone looking for help on becoming fabulous.  I just read it in LA and it was fantastic.  I also want to read Posh’s book and Kimora Lee Simmon’s.

3. Network, socialize, put forth more effort.  I’m such a laid back person, I need to actively get out and network.  Nothing will be handed to me since I am not a true socialite or possess supermodel looks.  I have to get on the grind, charm my way into fabulosity!

What are some of your new years resolutions? 

7 Responses to “Driven for the Good Life”

  1. Melissa Walker Says:

    An ounce of charm is worth so much more than empty looks or riches! Good luck!

  2. mariposafeliz Says:

    I love your dress in the New Years Pics, from Express! my favorite store- I wanted to get it in blue, but was not sure it would fit or look good on my curvy bod.
    you proved me wrong! you looked smashing! i’ll be on the hunt for that this weekend!

    My New Years resolutions are probably about the same as yours! I’ll be building my website and working harder on the blog.

    I use, it is the best way to track what you are eating and is a real eye opener to eating habits!

  3. Karen Says:

    Vonnie, good luck with all of your goals!

    And LOL, Kimora Lee looks like she’s about to fly into the upper hemisphere in that picture but I can’t hate because I love her.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Samantha Says:

    Hey I’m new to your blog… i saw your link on fashionista 🙂

    great goals…good luck! I have all the books you mentioned (except the one about getting famous) and i must say you need to add Harper’s Bazaar Great Style: Best Ways to Update Your Look

    I dont really make resolutions but
    My main goal is to save more $$$…last year i made many many MANY fab purchases including my new Miu miu bag *heart* (of course i paid my bills first)

    Happy New Year!

    see you around…

  5. Melissa Says:

    i love your blog. we have a lot in commom…i’m currently pursuing PR, myself.

  6. jaja Says:

    Your blog is funny. Have you heard of Genevieve Jones, the black NY “it girl”? If she can do it, anyone can.

  7. littlemisshottie Says:

    WOW i love your songs they are so cool!!!!!!!!!! i love that new one disturbia its so cool i like the begining of it whats wrong with me I’m going crazy now or is it the other way? o well

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