My First Racist Experience

I am in beautiful Los Angeles, partly as a graduation trip for moi and partly to bring in the new year in style in one of my favorite cities. Along with me is my mother and two of my best friends, Shay and Ashley.

Anyway, this is my second time in this city, so I assumed that things would be marvelous, how could they not? There’s feisty me, bubbly pr-in-training Shay, and model Ashley (Kennedy Deshawn). Because Shay is so into pr and mingling and just all around good schmoozing, she was in charge of the events, finding out about the hot parties, getting us on lists and chatting up people for invites. About a week before we came, a cute guy on facebook contacted Shay from some party group that she is in and they set it up so that the three of us could be on a list for a hot club in L.A. called Les Deux (the people from the Hills frequent there, so I figured I wanted to be in attendance!). Fine.

We get dolled up (cute leopard print gray and black dress with my ta-tas up to HERE for me, sparkly tank and skinny jeans for Ashley, and leather leggings with a halter for Shay), make it to the club and call the guy who invited us so that he can come outside and escort us in. Check…he comes out, tells the bouncer Jeff to let us in, then he goes back inside. We wait for Jeff to stop talking with the giggly Brazilian chicks next to us (dressed in sneakers and lame clothes, mind you) and let us in…waiting…they get in. He starts chatting up the White girls next to us, even though we said that we had talked to our connect and that he had told Jeff to let us in…brush off….wait….We talk to Jeff again, he says just wait, he’ll get to us (we were there before the other random groups who were walking up)…wait…we watch as a group of white girls with a black friend who had her face powdered 3 shades lighter than her natural hue and beyond recognition were allowed in…another group with a token black girl gets in….no black people by themselves have gotten in….we’re still waiting…call back our connect, waiting on him to come back out….meanwhile, meet 3 white girls from Chicago also, chat with them, decide to all try to get in as a group of 6. Jeff talks to THEM, says the group can come in…we wait by the line over to get in…wait….Shay goes to see what is going on since we were said to all be able to go in (the six of us)…suddenly, the three white girls are allowed in with a shrug to us and we are made to stay outside still.

From that nite..we looked cute! why the hate?

wait, what? needless to say, we never made it in, and neither did but 3 or 4 other black people who were powdered almost white or hanging with all white groups the whole hour and a half we were out. Mind you, I graduated from a school in the south and have traveled all over the world and it took until going to “diverse” Los Angeles at a club of all places to get my first taste of racism. Asian girls dressed in slumpy sweaters that i wouldn’t wear to the library were gushed over and flirted with as well as were white girls of all looks while we were ignored or spoken to harshly or worst, brushed off.

Thanks Jeff and Les Deux, ya assholes.

11 Responses to “My First Racist Experience”

  1. Fred Says:

    Assholes? Try

  2. Bookmarks Tagged Marvelous Says:

    […] bookmarks tagged marvelous My First Racist Experience saved by 3 others     YTGuide bookmarked on 01/01/08 | […]

  3. Jen Says:

    I’m so jealous you are in LA, I love it there!

  4. Jen Says:

    I just finished reading your post
    first off, I just wrote about a sort of similar experience in LA. When I was there last November, I really wanted to go to Les Deux but I did my research before hand and read a lot of reviews that said they were racist and only let white girls in even though sometimes the bouncers are black themselves. To get into les deux you have to be A) a girl cause it’s like 80% female and B) blonde I guess they want to keep that exclusivity. I didn’t want to subject myself to this so I decided not to go at all and to try Skybar instead but I didn’t get into there so meh. LA can be a waste when it comes to that, but I enjoy the city other then that. Sorry to hear about your experience, i’m glad I didn’t put myself through that!!

  5. Mariposa Says:

    same thing happens to people up in Edmonton, AB!
    sorry to hear that happened to you- you sound like an awesome person, and especially to party with!

    I wanted to go to Les Duex, and now I won’t when i finally get to LA. They wont get my money and i’m white! is my site- come and check it out if you want! 🙂

  6. whupsi Says:

    I never enjoy being the only non white person in a party.

  7. Samantha Says:

    WOW that sucks..sorry to hear about this
    i read the whole thing with my jaw dropped! No wonder i NEVER see any black ppl there with LC and Company are there…

    PS. i DETEST seeing people with the wrong coloured powder or base on…YUCK

  8. ana Says:

    Its always terrible to hear stories like that in this day and age. I agree with Sam that accounts for the lack of representation on The Hills. Tsk tsk.

  9. xxi Says:

    I had the same issues at Room Service in Manhattan except not only was I denied service while my friend “allowed” to go in for no reason. But some 300+ lb bouncer came up to us moments before the half rejection and threatened to beat us both up for fun. We were standing in line not even talking or doing anything. It was so weird. Another one of my friends found out about this the next day [I never got in, she refused to go in after that, especially without me] emailed their PR, which quickly denied the whole thing and promised to investigate. Never got back to us after a few emails back and forth.
    I will never go back to that club, especially since my friends were waiting for us inside the club w/ a bottle and the entire time @ the door they were pressuring us to buy another bottle for entry. [neither of us drink, so it’s just a waste of money period] It just goes to show that it’s not just about race, it’s a fucking power trip. I think that these clubs think too highly of themselves and people should post about this distaste for how they treat people in general.

    I’m sorry you had to experience that, hopefully your story will stop other people from going.

  10. veronica Says:

    its their loss if they want all their patrons and thus the atmosphere of their club to be vanilla. you ladies handled the situation a lot better than i would’ve. i don’t think i would’ve been able to keep from blowing up at “jeff” and the bouncer and letting them know that i would be apprising tmz (or anybody worthy of giving bad press to) of my ordeal.

  11. Citichic Says:

    My question is why are Black bouncers working for a racist, whack, white owned club like this? What’s going on in LA? Maybe it’s because LA doesn’t have a large percentage of African Americans…and the bouncers are hard pressed for employment??? I dunno but the next time I’m in LA I might confront these clown a*** bouncers. They need to be “schooled”. And don’t let me by chance see one of those fug owners! Anyway, I doubt that most Black people in LA have an interest in going to this club but for the folks that do and felt offended that they were denied entrance, you can always sue the bastards. Peace!

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