Shopping Extravaganza

Gotta love graduating because I totally racked up the loot!  With it, I went shopping today; haven’t done that in a while….Got such great things, I’m totally cheesing.  You know a girl is at her happiest when she shops….retail therapy ring a bell? 😉 

Anyway, here are the wonderful things I got, I’m stoked to get to use/wear it all!  And hope my boys like their gifts:

Michael’s gift (my brother, who I’m making over)

Conquest Legacy Graphic TeeBound by Courage Graphic Tee(in red)  Shop Express here

Now on to MY gifts for myself!  muhahaha

stopped in sephora so you KNOW I had to get myself a lil sumthin sumthin…what type of girl would I be otherwise?

Magic Wand Illuminating FoundationI love that this has a brush already, nice and easy!  lovely stuff, really

needed some new shoes to fit my shrinking feet (went down a shoe size, size and a half out of nowhere…should I get that checked out? lol)

Johanna Platform PumpCovet Sport Skimmer and some awesome leopard print flats that I can’t find the picture of…..which blows, since they are so de jour.

From H&M, I bought a pink and navy shirt with a denim pencil skirt.  no pics 😦

AMAZING sale at New York and Company!!  50% off of EVERYTHING…check it out here and I’ll show you the things I bought so far 😉 going back for more:

THE LUDLOW PEA COAT       coat for $50 and a silver handbag

Talk about giddy, I’m ecstatic with my bargains! lol…..happy shopping, girls!  until next time

One Response to “Shopping Extravaganza”

  1. Jen Says:

    Oh gosh I love that pea coat it is too cute!

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