Graduation; from thug to prep makeover; Too-faced Review

Bonjour good people 🙂  So yeah, can’t believe i GRADUATED….granted, it was last thursday so I should have posted then, lol, but it’s so wild to me….cool beans….still looking for a job in the magazine world in Chicago or online, so if you know of anything, let me know por favor!

 Went shopping with the family while we were in Miami and I am getting the immense pleasure of helping my brother in his makeover!  We’re taking him from average to stylish…no more sloppy baggy clothes, big tee shirts, lame gear 🙂  he has a great figure, I’m glad he’s not hiding it anymore under horrid clothes.  Here’s some of the things we bought:

Logo Script Thermal Crew Logo shirt from A/X (
Denim Lab M11 Boot Cut<br><i>Plutonium</i>Multitype Graphic TeeJeans and tee from express ( .  I’ll probably be getting him some more tees at least for xmas 🙂  Glad that he’s maturing!  Nice new start for college.

Also while shopping, I stopped at MAC to check out getting some new blush.  I tested out “breath of plum” by MAC, since I’m always trying weird colors.  It’s a rather lovely purple, I’m considering getting it.  (  Then I made my way over to Sephora and of course you guys know i was in heaven!!!  Had to get some things, here’s my goods (

Pure Skin SupplementsMurad skin supplements to help clear out my complexion…I think it’s working!

Lash InjectionVERY good mascara…plumps them up, great volume, dark, lovely lovely lashes…Kind of a pain to get off though….oh well, at least they are worth the effort! 

Professionnel Unique Cream Makeup Removerpretty good makeup remover with the texture of vaseline.  cheap too, only like $2 (maybe $4)

Blush Me! Mono after testing out the mac blush, i bought a rose blush to appease myself, but I still want to go back and get the purple, it’s more unique.

well that was my foray into shopping 🙂  I’ll have more things coming my way soooooooon

4 Responses to “Graduation; from thug to prep makeover; Too-faced Review”

  1. Jen Says:


  2. KD Says:

    That is very cool, I know you loved doing the makeover.

  3. pumpsandgloss Says:

    oh oh let me know which Sephora you purchased the make-up remover… That stuff is awesome!!!! ~Mix Maven~

  4. celine Says:

    super ganda

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