Sorry for the wait

Just watched top model…Bianca has come up leaps and bounds from when I last wrote about her.  She’s grown up some, mentally, and isn’t being a ghetto biotch anymore.  Go Bianca!  Heather was GORGEOUS this episode.  Seriously, she looked AMAZING once she got dressed up and done up.  Lovely.  I feel bad for Ambreal because she can’t seem to get her shit together and you can tell that she really wants it.  Poor baby!  I really don’t like the 2 blondes, Chantel (sp?) and that other weird looking ice-blonde chick….EBONY GO HOME PLEASE!

 So yeah, it’s been a very long time since I’ve written.  Just been busy and suffering writers-block.  Poor me.  I need to go buy some new make-up to jumpstart my desire to write 😉  I’ll have a beauty/fashion related blog very soon.  Later my loves

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