Make-up Desire, Lasik, Skincare

I am ITCHING to buy some new makeup with money I don’t need to be spending.  I have like every color of eyeshadow imaginable!  I tried to buy some new color today and seriously couldn’t find one that I didn’t have!  WTF…I’m going to return the one I just bought because it matches my smashbox Champagne too closely.  How fitting that the new color was called “restless”, I hadn’t even noticed that, lol.

L'oreal RestlessSmashbox Champagne

They don’t look the same in the pics, but very close in person!

I guess I should just stick with the stuff I have, lol..

 I want to get lasik eye surgery, so that way I don’t have to cover my eyes in glasses when I don’t want to wear contacts.  Has anyone had lasik?  I’d like feedback if so! 

And any of you with combination/acne prone skin with large pores, what skincare routine do you use?  (Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc)

Thanks babes!


2 Responses to “Make-up Desire, Lasik, Skincare”

  1. Alex Says:

    Your blog’s entertaining and starting to have good content. I like the regular rhythm of posts and also that there are images to illustrate. I would suggest including more links out to other fashion bloggers and sites. You’ve got a good blogroll of fashion bloggers … are you following their RSS feeds? I like the new look better and encourage you to try different styles until you find one you’re comfortable with. We can also look at how to change specific things in your blog to further customize. Keep it up!

  2. colombianart Says:

    My wife had lasik and it changed my life….no more “where´s my lens”….or….”oops, I forgot my drops, can you go out and buy me some”…at 11pm at night or ….”car, what car”…bang!

    Yip. I vote for Lasik !!!
    (PS: Also – she can actually see better than me now!)

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