Nars for cheeks

During the summer I fell in love with Nars blushes.  I was at the mall with my mom, got bored while she shopped, so I wandered over to the makeup counters as I always do.  Anyway, the first one that caught my eye was Taj Mahal.  It’s this bright orange, so I was like wow, who would look good in that??!  Well guess what, I do!  The makeup artist got me to test it out, and I couldn’t believe the warm beautiful glow it gave to my caramel skin.  I’m not sure how it would look for fair skinned people, but it’s FABULOUS for us girlies with darker tones.

Nars Blush

reposting this photo so that you can see with the blush on:

Now, I was perusing through as I always do and happened upon the news that Nars now has a cream stick called the multiple in their cult hit color, Orgasm.  I mean, seriously, how can you go wrong with a blush/highlighter named ORGASM? lol…..I don’t know which is more funny, that or their color deep-throat.  They can be bought at:

Nars Orgasm

Have you tried any of their products?  Let me know all about it!  later, darlings….*MUAH*


5 Responses to “Nars for cheeks”

  1. preciousandmakeup Says:

    That’s such a nice color!
    It looks fab on your complexation as well.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll,
    I’ll def. return the favor.

  2. la fashionista Says:

    Nars lipgloss in Chica Boom is my little piece of heaven.

  3. pumpsandgloss Says:

    I have Nars Torrid and I love it. I am a brown girl and it works well for me, but I layer it with several different MAC blushes. I want Taj Mahal, but I may find a Ben Nye dupe. ~Mix Maven~

  4. Natalya Says:

    I have the Nars duo in Laguna and Orgasm. I llllooooove it. I have more than a few Nars products. Stay fab darling

  5. A-Mused Says:

    Taj Mahal is such a freaking outstanding color! Sadly, it doesn’t work on my skintone but I god what an amazing color! The color looks fab on you!

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