Halle Berry

I can not WAIT for Halle to have her baby.  I’m almost as excited as I was when I found out that Angelina was pregnant with Brad’s baby.  I mean seriously, these are some GREAT genes to be passing along!

Halle Berry Pregnant

With 2 Versace models, how can that baby come out anything other than amazingly gorgeous???  It’s cute that they are waiting to hear the sex of the baby too; I don’t know if I can wait like that when I get pregnant…9 months?  Ahhh!  I’m stoked..not only that, she and her boo want more kids as soon as this one comes out…she certainly waited long enough, might as well pop out as many as she can in these couple child-bearing years she has left…Congrats to the mommy-to-be!


One Response to “Halle Berry”

  1. scandalouscandice Says:

    I am glad Halle Berry is pregnant too.She has waited a long time for this. She is not a good actress at all in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean she has deserved the terribly bad luck she had with men. David Justice used to beat her up. Eric Bonnet cheated on her every chance he got. I am sorry but how they hell does someone cheat on someone as gorgeous as Halle Berry? Anyway her new model boyfriend is ten times cuter than both Justice and Bonnet combined. I hope she is happy.

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