Papi Intimates Fashion Show


I promised to update once I went to some of the Ocean Drive fashion week events, so voila!  I went to the Papi Intimates fashion show with two of my buddies, Nani and Curt.  It was held at the hotel Victor and I must say, I like that hotel.  There were mostly hot gay guys there, and because my friend Nani is such a boyish looking girl, she was the belle of the ball because they didn’t know she was a girl!!! LMAO….not only is she a girl, but a girl who likes girls, so they were TOTALLY barking up the wrong tree….what a night……I had fun….waited in line forever because Nani was late, but we made it in and had a groovy time, dancing and laughing at the drunk folks who couldn’t hold a rhythm if their mama was Beyonce and their daddy was James Brown.  Shame shame, I tell ya!


Makeup is Nars Taj Mahal on cheeks, purple liner on the bottom, smashbox champagne on lids, maybelline lash stylist mascara

I may be going to another event tomorrow, I’ll have to see how I feel after the game and everything.


3 Responses to “Papi Intimates Fashion Show”

  1. A-mused Says:

    Love your purple top!!!!!!!!

  2. scandalouscandice Says:

    Hooray for boobies!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Attracted by your dazzling eyes

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