House M.D.

House’s season premiere….I’d give it a 8/10.  I really miss the old team, but House’s wit and refusal to get a new one was very entertaining.  The fight with Wilson was particularly funny, with the two battling with a “kidnap” plot.  The case itself was mediocre, because it wasn’t that it was so hard to figure out, they just had the wrong chick that they were diagnosing.  House got lucky.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!  I think that Cameron and Chase will come back, but I’m not so sure about Foreman.  I HOPE so, but hey, ya never know.


Ugly Betty

What a premiere!  I loved it, I give it a 10/10.  Imagine my surprise when I saw Santos alive with a bandage wrapped around his chest in Hilda’s room.  I was shocked, but happy.  Then, I cracked up at the new fat Amanda!  What a biotch, but I love her.  Tight satin isn’t the most flattering thing to wear with weight gain, lemme tell ya!  Very interesting storyline with Wilhelmina and the wife as well.  Why oh why is Betty being so passive about Henry!  Don’t bury your love for him girl, get out there and make it happen!  especially with the knowledge that his gf is a hoe-bag.  Jeez!  But I gotta tell ya, I CRIED this episode.  I mean, how heartbreaking was that scene when Betty walked into Hilda’s room?  OMG…



Sara!!!  Seriously, I was on the edge of my seat trying to find out what happened…..I loved the commercials leading up to the premiere, it was so riveting!    I give the episode an 8/10.   What a sick bastard that miniature doll killer is.  Seriously.  Not everyone who wasn’t loved as a kid or who’s gone through things and stuff turns out to be a nutcase!  Get a grip.  I liked how her plan to have Sara drown under the car actually helped her escape.  But I would have passed out with the walk ahead of her after escape….especially when she stood on top of that mountain and saw that there was nothing in sight for her to head towards.  Do you know how friggin hot it is in Vegas?  Good grief.  Almost had a HEART ATTACK when they found that guy in the desert!  My freaking heart is still pounding, I was sure that poor Sara had literally bit the dust.  Can’t scare me like this, CSI!  She was such a survivor, evidence by the flashbacks of what was going on when she was kidnapped.  It’s so nice that the first face she sees is her boo’s.  Awww!


4 Responses to “SEASON PREMIERES GALORE: My Favorites”

  1. Alex Says:

    So you had a TV night in? Nice! Now I’m sorry I missed Ugly Betty!

  2. A-mused Says:

    I haven’t watched ugly betty yet!

    I plan on doing that right now 🙂

    Tivo’ed it!

    I just love her and can totally relate to her! Round, shortt,’s so me!

  3. pumpsandgloss Says:

    I enjoyed the first episode of Ugly Betty. The ending was a bit of downer, but I can’t wait for the rest of the season. ~Mix Maven~

  4. harlequinsgazette Says:

    Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog! I like the feel of yours. So you are interning? That is exciting! As for House…hmmm…I am thinking that on the previews for this week, where he sticks the knife in the socket to see if there is life after death, that it’ll bring back Foreman, Chase, and Cameron. It’s just not the same.

    I’ll be seein’ ya!

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