Designer Things

Everyone who knows me knows my heart skips a little faster when I receive something designer. What joy! Well, went shopping with Nelly this weekend and while she got really cute Coach sunglasses and a bangle, I got a pretty little handbag shaped charm. How I heart it :-). I was going to post a picture, but they seem to have taken the charm from the website….BOOO!!! It is shaped like this picture, but blue and white instead:

Coach Bag

This week is Ocean Drive’s fashion week here in Miami. Being the socialte-in-training I am, of course I shall be in attendance at some shindigs and will post pictures as soon as I get them! I have school and work that gets in the way of my social life for going to these things, and since I left my car back at home, it is a tad inconvenient. Oh well, I’ll survive. Toodles

One Response to “Designer Things”

  1. Kamari Says:

    Buy me something designer!!!! 🙂

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