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John Galliano FlapperJohn Galliano FlapperJohn Galliano FlapperJohn Galliano FlapperJust was perusing , watching fashion shows and WOW.  John Galliano has such a superb way of throwing a fashion show.  He doesn’t just have long, lanky gazelles robotically traipsing down a runway.  Those gorgeous ladies had to traisp down with a full storyline, adding some character.  His theme was set in the 20’s and the show was so fun and brillant.  I love his flair!  Galliano FlapperFlapper beauties, drunken floosies, everything the eye could desire!  The luxe fabrics were shown in wonderful hues of burgandy, buttercream, and plum.  My favorite type of colors!  The coats were positively to DIE for.  Have a looksie at the show if you get a chance:

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  1. scandalouscandice Says:

    I am not sure about the booties. Everyone seems to be rocking a pair for fall and I think they look Fug. But the plaid wool coats this year are super cute and hot.

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